Success Demands Confident Communication

LikeSo PRO brings the Power of A.I. & Voice to Salespeople, Consultants,
Executives & Students Who Want to Communicate Clearly & with Confidence


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The Way Your Employees Speak Impacts Their Careers… and Your Business

For presentations, sales pitches, media training, job interviews and more… LikeSo PRO App Offers:

  • Practice tools for effective, confident speech; avoid fillers, reinforce keywords
  • Objective data-driven measurable analysis
  • Personalized learning & remediation
  • Low cost, scalable, 1:1 training
  • AIDA, your A.I. Dialogue Assistant, for recommended learning
  • Three modes of training with real-time feedback, plus!
  • Desktop practice tool with analysis, scoring, audio playback, etc.

Enterprise Power

Comprehensive, Objective Data
The thing we’ve learned about data is that you know more about data than we do. That’s why every metric we measure is customizable. View your data on our branded dashboard or connect with Salesforce, your own fancy APIs, or just download to Excel.

Log In… However
With Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft, you may already have our login. For a more powerful solution, we also support OKTA and some other SSOs. And if you don’t like that – we provide a one-time code system. One thing we never do is store email addresses. That’s so 2010.

Our Place or Yours
While we strive to create the most elegant and fun backend around, we know you might not care. That’s why we talk to several major LMSs and provide API-based control of all major settings. No one wants another place to log into.


lsAidaFullAI  Artificial Intelligence
  Dialogue Assistant

Think of what a great coach would do.

They would start by making sure they understood you speech as it stands. They’d try to understand your frustrations, your quirks, and of course, your strengths as a speaker. Then, they’d help you build a plan to speak better by setting goals, aiming for targets, and keeping you on track. While you were training, they might have a great Blog post or Podcast to check out – or a video they want you to see. This is what a personalized coaching experience would look like.

Now, meet that level of personalization – at scale. Meet AIDA.

Testimonial A

“LikeSo PRO accelerates learning, provides a practice tool to reinforce new behaviors, and gives ‘big data’ insights to measure progress and identify areas of need”Dr. Ethan Becker, President, Speech Improvement Company.

A Tiny Bit of Science: Cognition

Every time you get up to speak, you’re using a part of your brain. To keep it simple, let’s think of you using your brain for three things:

  1. The content – what you’re talking about
  2. The room  – whom you’re talking to, where you are
  3. The presentation – how well you’re speaking

This is what’s known as your cognitive load. Now, the goal of any salesperson, exec or car salesperson should be the same – turn down the power on each of these until all that’s left is the room. This is to say you’ve mastered the content, and your presentation is a muscle memory – now you can focus on reacting to the room. But how do you make presentation part of your muscle memory?

That’s where LikeSo comes in. Think of it like practicing in front of a mirror – but that mirror is listening. And she has advice. This means that every little thing that takes cognitive load – from making sure you don’t say Like to how loud or soft you are to just plain old making sure you’re speaking at a normal pace – she’s there to nudge you along until speaking becomes as automatic as breathing.

And with less mental energy dedicated to how you speak, you have a lot more brainpower left to focus on what you say.